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About us

We started 4uke ukulele store since 2013, Our store features many brands of middle and high-end ukuleles, it bothered me for a long time that I couldnot find any straps in a good quality for ukuleles,they are always too thin,or too stiff and not good looking.


Until last year I finally decided to make my own straps, we looked into many fabric markets, from design to fabrics, buckles,leather,fastener,tape,we took so many tests,then it finally came out to all my satisfaction, it's soft and pretty, the proper thickness with slight stretch is just right to reduce pressure while you playing, I love it!

There are so many personalized cool print choices,I believe you can find your type here,We'll keep providing new styles, you'll never get bored.

Now we have added two new product lines: guitar straps and camera straps, It has the same quality as the ukulele strap.

We hope our straps will bring you a better performance experience, aloha!