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Custom Ukulele Strap

Custom Ukulele Strap

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  • Enter Word Below: (will be stamped exactly as entered)
  • If All Capitalizes, up to 7 Characters
  • If first Capitalizes or All Lowercase, up to 8 Characters
  • English words & 6 Special Symbols are available

Personalized Note:

we offer customized services with leather ends of a ukulele strap, you can add a name tag in the short leather ends of the strap. The price of This item is for Personalization only, exclude the ukulele strap. 


Enter Word on the Personalization tab: (will be stamped exactly as entered), Limited by the size of the leather ends of ukulele strap, we have some requirements on the number of words.
-> If All Capitalizes, up to 7 Characters
-> If first Capitalizes or All Lowercase, up to 8 Characters
English words & the symbols are shown in the below only

6 Special Symbols are available  &  :)  @  ★  ❤  ♡

Please see the below picture for the effect. No Special Characters, Only English words. Personalized strap no Returns Accepted.

3 color Options for stamped

Three color options are available, Natural Burn, Gold, or Silver. Please see the below picture for the effect. stamping on the short leather ends of guitar strap.
three custom options of font color
custom leather ends of the ukulele strap