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Go mad black ukulele strap

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this Original created High-quality handmade Go mad black ukulele strap, the word "GO MAD" is made of Reflective materials, It's very cool. different from any kind of ukulele straps you’ve ever seen. It’s very soft and comes with a proper thickness, as the bottom material has been chosen a special fabric that has fluffy hand-feel and slight stretch, it helps reduce pressure and more comfortable to play.


  • 1.5 inches width 
  • Real Leather Ends and Customized metal parts
  • Top fabric-100% cotton
  • The word "GO MAD" is made of Reflective materials
  • Bottom fabric-100% polyester
  • Detachable fastener with tapes for the headstock
  • Need one strap button installed at the bottom of your ukulele
  • fits any size ukulele(soprano/concert/tenor/baritone with strap button)
  • fits guitalele with strap button
  • Adjustable Length 27.5inch-46inch adjustable
  • We'll send an extra strap button for free in case you need it
When there is light, the reflective material word will turn white and glow.

Tutorial:  How to put on a ukulele strap

Special Bottom Material and Leather Ends

The bottom material we chose is a very special fabric, which has fluffy hand-feel and slight stretch, it's also very soft and smooth, the proper thickness is just about right to help reduce pressure, help people be more comfortable to play ukulele. Two layers of real leather ends with sealed dege, strong soft and durable. connect to the tape with quality metal buckle.

Use Our Strap in Two Ways

Two ends + Detachable fastener, make strap two ways to use. Normally we have only one strap button at the bottom of ukulele, you can use Detachable fastener connect the head of ukulele,it's very convenient(Recommend). if you have tow buttons, you can take off the Detachable fastener.