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space galaxy printed nice camera strap

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This original created High-quality handmade space galaxy nice camera strap, It’s very soft but resilient, as the bottom material has been chosen polyester suede that has fluffy hand-feel and classy.


  • 1.5 inches width 
  • webbing length (Leather ends to ends): 32.6 in. (83cm)
  • Nylon tapes length and width: 13 in. (34cm) * 0.4 in. (1cm)
  • Overall Adjustable length: 37 in. - 52 in. (95cm - 130cm)
  • Top fabric-100% cotton, space galaxy printed
  • Bottom fabric-100% polyester suede
  • UTX buckle is very strong and reliable
  • Wearable as a shoulder or neck strap
  • fits for most DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras(Nikon/Canon/Sony. etc.)


The pattern on each space galaxy nice camera strap might be slightly different, as they were cut from different part of the fabric, hope you understand, thank you.

Matching Color

We choose the best quality of poly suede for the camera straps back fabric, it's classy and has fluffy hand-feel, We match the poly suede and tapes to the body color, we want to make the details as perfect as possible.

Soft and Proper Thickness

Our camera straps usually have three layers, Top/Middle/Bottom, we mix different materials to reach the effect we want. It comes with a proper thickness(4.2mm as shown in the pic) but still soft and comfortable, it has enough load-bearing capacity to meet most cameras, of course includes the DSLR Cameras.

Live Demonstration

Let's take this classic camo camera strap as an example.